Here are some links I have collected regarding the PCT:
  • Pacific Crest Trail Association - The official PCTA site, filled with up to date information about trail changes, news relating the trail, and data for section and upcoming thru-hikers. Specifically, the page about needed permits is a must for everyone who hopes to make it all the way up to Canada.
  • Craig's PCT Planner - An awesome site that allows you to set up personal pace and hiking preferences, starting dates and locations, and help you realize where and when you will stop for resupplies. I've had an account there since 2006, I think, and recently I popped back in there, restored my old password, and looked at another unfulfilled PCT plan I once made. I quickly changed the dates to April 2014, and am back on track to make it happen this year.
  • Halfmile's Pacific Crest Trail Map - A great resource for downloading a full set of up to date topographical maps of the entire 2600+ miles of trail, along with .gpx files for GPS devices, and notes for locations all along the trail. Also offers many other ways to prepare for the trail before and during the hike.
  • PostHoler - Another great resource for PCT maps (And also AT maps), though not for free as Halfmile's. Also offers a lot of other planning resources.
  • Yogi's Guides - Sells guidebooks for the PCT (As well as the CDT and the Colorado Trail). The PCT Handbook is very informative, and very good for planning your hike.