Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hiking in the desert

I'm going out on a two day hike in the south of Israel (a short section of the Israel National Trail), to test out my gear. I will carry some extra stuff I'm sure I won't need, like the insulating jacket and the rain jacket, but I want to test out how it feels like to carry all my PCT gear on my back. I've hiked with most of this stuff before, but the backpack is brand new, and so is the quilt I'll be using. So I hope they hold up well.

Here is a photo on what I intend to carry with me. Add to that ~6 Liters of water (for two days), and I guess some more food I still had in the fridge while taking the photo. And shoes - I forgot to put the shoes in there as well.
Well. I hope to be able to write a short trip report on Sunday, or at least post the photos. Wish me luck.