Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Got plane tickets!

Last week I finally bought my plane tickets. There were many back-and-forth discussions about the best course to take (tlv-lax and then back lax-tlv, or tlv-san and then back from Seattle...), and many price shifts, and annoying web sites showing not-current information.

At the end, I used a local travel agency, just to make sure I understand the change policy of the ticket I'm getting, and to have someone to call when I'm in the middle of nowhere and in need of some travel-related assistance. The route itself was something a fellow Israeli hiker was talking about TLV-CDG-ORD-SAN, and the price was ~$1360 (back from Seattle). I can live with that. We will both be on the same flight, and start the trail together.

The date, you ask? I'll be taking off (and landing, actually. Because of the time differences) at April 9th. I guess we will start around the 11th, or maybe 12th. We will see how the jet lag and general tiredness hits us.