Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cheap, Light, Durable. Can't have it all.

I got my "Strange pair of shades" about two weeks ago, and haven't really used them anywhere. They didn't look so good, so I figured I'll save them for the trail. Once I'm all stinky and dirty, I don't think anyone would mind them.

Well, I took them out of their little container last night, put them on for several minutes (while at home), and left them on the kitchen table. This morning I decided to fold them back into the container, and they just snapped.

Nice table cloth though, right?
I thought I Got a cheap, light and durable item for my hike, but I guess there are no shortcuts. The high quality, light stuff is expensive. Or at least, not as cheap as those shades were. I guess I will just buy a pair of standard, normal shades at some supermarket. They will be heavier, but they will last longer.

I got a reply from SportEyz, and they have already refunded my purchase, including the shipment. I can't complain about their customer service.