Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trail Name, Revisited

I've been contemplating this whole trail name thing for a while now, trying to decide between keeping my old name from the AT (Amtrak), or figuring out a new/better name for myself for this round.

So far, on the PCT permit, and various trail registration sites (Yogi's, registering at the Mann's), I used Amtrak, figuring out I'll just go with my default. I'm used to it. I do quite like it. It will feel like I'm back on the AT, continuing my old adventure...

However - a recent development in the field of optional trail names has led me to think again about adopting a new one. I present to you, the new contender - Mango.

And here are the pros, in no specific order:
  • I love Mango. Mostly because it is the best fruit ever. It also makes a mean Lassi.
  • It's an anagram of my name (well, of "Noam G" - but I can try and go with "la Mango" as my "full trail name").
  • I can also say it derives from Man-(on-the)-Go, which is very far fetched and was completely by accident. But it does give it some extra points.
So, back at square one. I suspect I won't declare a final winner until I actually land in San Diego. Maybe even only after I finish my hike (wherever that will be).

Another great reason: