Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 144 - zero day in Bellevue

Today I had a long day of rest and relaxation. Just what I needed before I had out to the cold.
The plan was to get a ride back up to Snoqualamie Pass tonight, but my generous hosts, Yulia and Dima, offered to take me up there tomorrow morning. So it was a full zero down in Bellevue.
During the day I mostly just used Yulia's computer to update my blog, downloaded new music to my phone, copied "Three Men In A Boat" audio book and a lecture series titled "How to Listen and Understand Great Music, 3rd Edition". I always wanted that elusive 3rd edition...
I only left the house once, just to get my tortillas, bagels and cheese for the next section. Apart from that I did nothing, except relaxing and eating. And that felt good.
I even had a nap in the afternoon, while outside a loud thunderstorm was making noise. Seems like a good day to zero in.
After dinner I tasted some strengthen wine, I think it was called Marcella, And retired to sleep early for a change. Tomorrow it should clear up a bit. Just in time for my hike onwards.
Onyx. Such a cute cat