Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 153 - Stehekin to cs2603

We got up after a warm night, and went to the store to wait for the bus back to the trail. A few other hikers were around, getting breakfast at the restaurant. And I finally met Use It Up, who was also heading out to the trail with us. The others will probably leave later.
We had a short stop at the bakery on the way out, and I got another quiche, a cinnamon and pecan roll and a blueberry pie. Good breakfast. We also bought "power bagels", which are more like dense while wheat buns. We got most of our stuff from the "yesterday" shelf, but it was still good.
Out on the trail we met a load of hikers who were waiting for the bus in, like we did yesterday. I saw Cheese, Scorpion, Matt & Jerry, Buck-30 and Slaughterhouse. It was nice seeing them again, before the end.
On the trail, we still had plenty of climbs today. Nothing much in the views department. Just long ridge walks, and some forests.
The last 6 miles were all uphill, through Rainy Pass, which is the last highway the pct crosses, and over mile 2600, which wasn't marked anyway on the two. Or maybe I missed it.
We filled our water at the last water source according to Halfmile's app, and crossed many more little streams before we reached our campsite. There's also a little stream right here. Oh well.
The sun went behind some mountains several minutes after we started cooking dinner, and the temperatures dropped quickly. It's very cold in here now, and I'm wearing two pairs of socks and my puffy jacket to bed tonight. I hope the wine doesn't freeze on me.
A mushroom that resembles a golf ball
Another broken bridge over Bridge Creek
Passing through Rainy Pass