Monday, September 8, 2014

Day 150 - Glacier Creek to campsite near pct mile 2551

Wow. The third hard day in a row. Today we've hiked almost as much as yesterday, with almost as much climbing, and much more down hill. It was tiring.
In the beginning of the day we had a climb up to Fire Creek Pass, and then started hiking down, stopping for a nice break at Mica Lake. The trail went further down, all the way to Milk Creek before starting a brutal climb of 2500 feet.
We had another break up on the chilly ridge. I double checked the food I have left, and discovered I have an extra Clif Bar, and two extra oatmeal packets. One packet was eaten on the spot.
The trail down started horribly, with a narrow path, which was a bit lower than the surrounding shrubs. My shoes kept bumping into each other, and the trail itself wasn't flat, which made for even harder walking. I was cursing the switchbacks down with every step, until we finally got back into the woods, and the two got better.
It didn't get much better with all the fallen trees we had to hike over or around. But we made it.
We had another short stop just by Vista Creek, after the down hill was mostly over, and then continued on some easy trail towards the Suiattle River. Once there, we crossed the bridge, and had a look at the campsite in the middle of two noisy streams. Seems like it'll be hard to camp there. We were aiming at a spot about 1.5 miles further.
While hiking on, and again climbing up, I was trying to recall if that spot was a campsite, or just a water source on Halfmile's app. It was just a water source - a stream of water flowing down the ridge. We filled up and went ahead to try and find a campsite for the night.
Luckily, after less than 0.5 miles we found a reasonable spot, and set camp. Lighthouse have me an extra dinner he had, so I had my usual Knorr meal, and a dinner of Mac & Cheese as well. I gave him two extra tortillas I suddenly discovered I had.
We saw a southbounder just before dark. He was flip flopping, not sure from where, and was heading down to the Suiattle River for the night.
Mica Lake
I don't know what it means
That was a big tree stump
True bridge over the Suiattle River