Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 55 - Zero day at Lone Pine

Today wasn't as relaxing as I was hoping.
First, I didn't go for breakfast, since Idan and Yair ate leftover pizza from last night.
Then, we went to the post office to get our packages, and start planning how many days, and how much food we'd need. We've made a six day plan to get to VVR, our next resupply stop. Later, Idan pointed out it might take a long time to hitch back up to the trail, so we'd have less time to hike than we had thought. So we made a second, 7 day plan. This means we would have to carry some more food. Damn it. We also finally decided to make only a single zero day here, and head out tomorrow.
Then we went to the local supermarket. It was expensive, and didn't have much selection. But we got most of what we needed. We later bought some more Cliff Bars at a local store, and a few more at the hostel (they sell hiking food and some equipment here).
I decided to buy a full length sleeping pad, and bought that at the bigger outfitter (Elevation - very very nice staff!), and they also later helped us replace the tips for our hiking poles (thanks to Gossamer Gear for sending the tips. But taking the old ones off was a pain).
We were trying to find a place for lunch. Idan wanted a burger place, but the local restaurant had only a veggie burger to offer Yair and me. So we didn't want to go there. At the end Yair and I went to the same Mexican place from yesterday, and had a different dish. Idan sat there and didn't want to order anything. Finally he ordered the most basic burrito - rice, beans and cheese - and didn't like it. Later he went to McDonald's to quench his hunger.
We also shipped our packages to Mammoth Lake. So all in all, the entire day was spent running up and down the main street.
Just now we had our avocado and tomato sandwich dinner, and are off to bed. It's always hard for me to leave towns, and head out to the hard, cold, trail. But up there it does get better, and I enjoy the hike.