Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 75 - Bridgeport to wacs1028

We did the unbelievable, and left a trail town on the afternoon, despite being tempted to lay around in an over priced motel room for another day.
Our hotel room in Bridgeport
After a good night's sleep, I went to have breakfast with Zen Dawg and Curry. Curry was sleeping inside the main building, in an economy room, which only has a bad. She didn't get any cell service in town, had no phone in her room, and the hotel is closed and locked on Wednesdays until the afternoon. We were staying in the rooms outside the main building, so we had no way of calling her to come for breakfast. Luckily, she came outside on her own at 7:30.
We went to a local diner called Hays something, which Zen Dawg recommended from his experience yesterday. I had a very good vegetable omelet with hash browns. It was nice, being with only vegetarians and vegans. And liberals. The conversation was very interesting. During that time Idan shipped our loaner bear canisters back to Kennedy Meadows. It felt good to get rid of them.
Zen Dawg and Curry were talking about leaving town later, to do a short hiking day. They called Rock Ocean, who was already in town, waiting until the post office opens at 11:00 for some hikers, before making a shuttle run up to the trail.
Zen Dawg wanted a bit more time in town, and then we decided we were rested enough to head out ourselves. So we talked with Rock Ocean to get a later ride at around 14:00, and Curry left at the earlier ride.
Our hotel check out time was 11:00, but the maid agreed to come clean our room last, so we stayed there until the last minute before getting on our ride. That was very comfortable.
I bought some supplies and a had package for the next section, and got a veggie burger from The Barn (they make it themselves, it's not some frozen patty) to carry out for dinner tonight.
After a long long ride back up to Sonora Pass, we finally said or goodbyes to Rock Ocean, and headed out into the mountains at 16:00. A bit later than planned.
Rock Ocean, after giving a ride back up to Sonora Pass
At first, we had a long climb out of the pass. It was pretty windy all along, and even after going over the saddle, the strong gusts of wind persisted. But from there we had a long descent, and it got warm and calm. It still took us about 3.5 hours to cover the almost 10 miles we were aiming at. But most of the time it was an easy hike.
Beginning to climb out of Sonora Pass, on the shoulders of Sonora Peak
We saw a single tent just before the campsite. I don't know who's tent it was. Over here, we found Curry, and Blush, Tea Popping and Moon Fish and her boyfriend. After setting up camp and eating (the burger held very nice), Zen Dawg also arrived.
I an sure tomorrow everyone will get up and leave before I exit the tent. But we plan a long day, so we will probably see them again later.