Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 65 - Zero day in Mammoth Lakes

After a long morning of not doing much, we finally did laundry and then headed for Von's to buy supplies for the next section.
Chilling by the Von's
I also connected my camera to Idan's phone, to copy all my photos to my own phone over WiFi and upload them to the web. It took me several hours to notice I only have photos up until last week. Of course I have already deleted everything from my camera. So to summarize - I'm an idiot. Idan and Yair say that I might be able to recover the photos from the deleted memory card, so I bought a new one and will be sending the old one back with Yair, for some doctoring. Wish me luck.
We went to a local restaurant and got some nice dish of vegetarian chili, even though it was a small dish. Yair and I later shared a pasta dish just to stop feeling hungry.
Afterwards, I went over to a local seamstress, Leslie, who got back to me after I sent her an SMS earlier (on a Sunday) regarding my tent's zippers and Idan's silk liner. At her house, she fixed the zippers and sewed the liner, while I had a great time with her super cute little dog, Hot Rod, and later also connected with her friendly cat, Ace. They both really fought for my attention and petting. I just had a wild time finally petting a cat on the trail. I miss Cupcake, my kitten, so much. A huge thanks to Leslie for her help with her gear, and for letting me play with her pets.
Tad Pole and Ace
In the afternoon I bought some gorilla glue to try and fix the annoying hole I just got in my shoe. I hope it holds for a while longer before I buy a new pair.
In the evening we watched the last game of the NBA. San Antonio won the series. Yay.
Tomorrow I will have to wait to get the hiking pole section I bought from Gossamer Gear. We also need to buy some stuff from the outfitter, and generally do nothing until we leave town in the afternoon. The plan is for a short day tomorrow, and then getting to Tuolumne Meadows in two more days.