Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 62 - wacs873 to Vermilion Valley Resort

Today we had a short day, finally, into Vermilion Valley Resort (VVR). We pushed a bit more in the last few days just to make today shorter, since we wanted to get to Edison Lake early enough to catch s boat ride across it to the resort. Otherwise we'd have had to hike 5 more miles around it.
We got up a bit early, again, and started our morning climb. It was about 1000 feet up. It didn't feel too bad, in the morning.
From there we had about 2000 feet down to the junction to Edison Lake. I pretty much ran it without stopping, and got down there at 8:15. After waiting for Signal and Harmonic-Wave for a while, we all headed down towards the lake, to the spot where the boat should pick us up.
The lake is in a really bad shape, due to 3 years with not enough rain and snow. It's a pretty big lake, and it's several meters below its full capacity. The side trail leading to the original ferry spot is not relevant anymore, and now there's a new side trail, a bit further off, leading down to the lake's dry bed. From there it's another half a mile or so to the actual water line.
On the way there I've met several hikers who just came out of VVR. Penguin and Sockpot were on their way out, with some other hikers who passed us recently.
After waiting for the boat to arrive (and for Signal, Harmonic-Wave and Jordi to catch up), we all got on it, and headed to the other side of the lake. Once there, we got a ride from the shore, up to the resort (which is situated on the original shore line). It was quite strange - on the ride there I could see the path boats are supposed to take when approaching the resort, between what once were underwater rocks. Now it's all on sand.
Harmonic-Wave and Signal on the ferry to VVR
At the resort we got our first drink free, and were told we can tent behind the store. We quickly opted for a room for the night, and got a very nice 3 bed room, with a shower. What a treat!
And that's me
After a nice shower (and after me nagging the manager about lack of hot water, and finally finding out I had to turn the knob the other way) we went for lunch. Yair and I both had a very good black beans veggie burger. The make it right there at the restaurant. Very impressive.
There are some supplies available at the store, and everything you buy, including restaurant bills, is put on your tab. It's easy to lose a lot of money that way.
There is just a bit of AT&T reception near the beach, so we kept leaping among the rocks to try to find a good signal, with data maybe. I barely found anything.
After a good sleep at noon, we went over for dinner. Yair and I split two courses - one was polenta, rice and fried vegetables, and the other one was pasta Alfredo with vegetables again. The vegetables were fresh, and it tasted pretty good.
I stayed with Yair at the restaurant to watch a bit of the NBA finals (game four). San Antonio beat Miami. Yay.
That was a very nice and relaxing day.