Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 72 - McCabe Creek to Rancheria Creek

What a day!
We planned to do about 22 miles today, which isn't that much. But today it contained about 5,500 feet climb AND 5,500 feet descent. I am not sure, but I think this makes it the hardest day so far, as far as vertical gain and loss go.
Right at Benson Pass
During the first half of the day we mostly climbed towards Benson Pass. Even though it didn't have any snow, it was quite a climb. I knew I was in for as long day, so I was listening to my audio book during most of the climb, just to make the time pass a bit faster.
Just some contrails in the blue-blue sky
From the top, we still had another 2000 feet climb to look forward to. After getting down to near Benson Lake, the climb up to Seavey Pass began, for our amusement. We were not amused.
Volunteer Peak, from near Smedberg Lake
We kept on crawling slowly up, until we finished that one too. The annoying bit of going down from the pass was all the little spots of more climbing up while generally hiking down and along the canyon. Like twisting the dagger at our backs. But we made it.
He seems content
We are currently hiding inside or tents from the mosquitoes, after finishing dinner. I think Yair should be in LA by now. I hope he gets a good night's rest before his flight tomorrow.