Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 1 - Campo to Lake Morena

0mi - The Pacific Crest Trail southern terminus
I must admit that the start was a bit of an anti-climax. Maybe it was because I was at Scout and Frodo's for two days, and the initial excitement wore off, or I was expecting too much.
Anyway, we got to the border at around 7:30, took all the mandatory photos (we were 8 hikers starting today from Scout and Frodo's) and then Idan said "let's go", and we went.
The trail was fairly easy most of the day, just cruising around with no major climbs, until we started hiking down towards Hauser Creek (pct mile 15.4). It took a while, and we were happy to rest a bit down under a nice tree.
My initial plan was to stay there for the night, but we got there at 12:50, which was way too early, so Idan persuaded me to keep on hiking to Lake Morena.
The climb out of the creek was a bit annoying, but the worst but was that after it was done, we still had to climb up some more. Go figure.
Getting down to Lake Morena campground also took forever, but we got here at 15:05, so it was good. Met many interesting hikers around here, some of them hiked the AT and the PCT before, and some just started today, like us.
Hikers pay here $5, and are allowed to camp at zones 65 and 66. So you can just stroll in here, set up and leave your stuff, before going to the trail office to pay.