Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 3 - some random camp site to Mt Laguna

Chilling in front of the Mt. Laguna store
Today we had a nice and easy stroll into town. We only had about 6 miles to go from our camp site, and most of it was fairly easy.
After about 1 mile or so we crossed a small stream, and I finally got an opportunity to use my filter. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it might be. But the water is good.
We made good time, and got into the Mt Laguna lodge at about 11, where we got a room, showered and did some laundry in a bucket.
The outfitter here has everything you'd ever need on the trail, and, apparently, he is also a Facebook friend of mine (hello Dave Super!). He took our photo, and I hope to see it on fb soon.
The store has plenty of hiking supplies, so we got some good for the next two days, until we'll reach Julian.
We were planning on the local restaurant for some burgers for the seder meal, but they only open on weekends, so it's Knorr meal for dinner. I did buy a yogurt and canned fruit salad for dessert, and an apple. So I have something to look forward to.
This is not a Star Observatory. It's just a radar.
Walking the trail around Mt Laguna I saw what I thought was a star observatory, and I was hoping they might have something planned for the lunar eclipse tonight. But sadly, it's just a radar. So I hope I will manage to drag myself outside in time to watch it happen. It will also be freezing outside... So I don't know if it'll happen.
Our first hotel room on trail.