Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 10 - campsite at 144 to campsite at 161

It's fun to be at the end of a long, successful, day.
The day started with a hike out to Highway 79, which has a trail famous Cafe 1 mile off trail. Everyone was talking about getting a burger or a breakfast there.
Just about 2 miles after we started our hike, we found the best kind of trail magic - unexpected, and just at the right time. Most people were heading to town from the cafe, but I was going to hike 2.5 more days until I reach Idyllwild, so after drinking a soda, and sending a postcard home (I hope they will send internationally) I also took two breakfasts and one Ramen noodles dinner, and ditched my Outdoor Herbivore breakfasts and one dinner over there. Much better now.
The rest if the morning was uneventful, and after about 2 more hours we got to the cafe, to find all the early starters already sitting there.
Idan is enjoying the Paradise Valley Cafe
The cafe was nice, and I stuffed myself with a full breakfast, and packed out a veggie burger with fries for the evening. I tried asking again if anyone wants to actually hike away, but they were all set on hitching to town, and were already making sleeping arrangements.
At about noon I headed back up towards the pct (add 2 miles to my daily total!) and then I crossed the road and entered the "other side".
A quick explanation: the pct is closed from mile 162.6, up to somewhere on mile 170+. My plan for tomorrow is to reach the closure, and then hike down and off the pct, and to walk on a detour to Idyllwild. Most of it will be on dirt roads paralleling the highway.
So, on I went, to climb 2400 feet (about 700 meters) in 10 miles. The section was completely empty. I only saw some horse tracks along the way. I tried learning from yesterday's mistake, and made a "long", half hour, break at a campsite 4 miles in, only leaving it at 15:00, when the heat was beginning to break.
The views were very nice and mountainy, with many shady spots, and places for rest. I walked rather slowly, and finally got to the campsite up here at about 17:15. A very nice and protected spot, up at 6820 feet (about 2000 meters). I hope it won't get cold tonight, but I can just put all my clothes on, and in my tent, under my quilt, I'm sure it will be all right.
I have finished the burger I was carrying, and am now debating whether I should cook dinner. Currently the vote is "no".

A nice little campsite for the night