Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 19 - Ziggy and The Bear to 226

Going to sleep last night I kept getting dizzy when I turned around, and I felt hot and cold, like I was having a fever (I checked yesterday morning, and I had none. But maybe I got some later). But during the night it got better, and I think I got a pretty good night's rest.
Another view back to snowy San Jacinto
In the morning I tried to assess how much dizziness I'm feeling, and whether I should head out on the trail. I was worried I'd might have to get to Big Bear by car, just so I can continue with Idan later. But after breakfast I felt almost %100 fine, and decided I'd head out for an easy day.
I finally left at 9:30 (I apologize for not saying goodbye to everyone. I was talking to Ron and we were walking towards the door, and then it felt strange to come back and say goodbye. Sorry.)
Getting some (white) water, and chilling my feet in the steam
The trail was very very windy at first, but as Ron said, it got much more manageable after getting over the first climb. From there the trail kept on the ridge, before going down into Whitewater Creek. A short hike up the creek and I reached the first water source.
I was afraid I will have ask for someone's filter, since mine started acting up on me, and having water spill from the side, when I used it with Smart Water bottles. But I tried it with the original bag, and it worked fine, so I filled up an extra 1 liter with filtered water and set there, trying to decide whether I should keep on hiking through the hot hours (it was around 14:00), or wait for the heat to break, before doing the extra 6 miles of the day.
At the water, I met Smitty and Luna, who set up their tent to stay away from the sun, and Matt, who is hiking the CA section of the trail this year.
The caterpillar of the day
I had a strange encounter with a caterpillar who was probably climbing my hat before I put it back on, and suddenly I felt something crawling on my ear. I threw it away in freight, not knowing what it was, but later during the day I saw a gazillion more and the trail. I think I managed to not step on any. They were kinda cute.
Matt left first, and then I headed out. After a while, when I was climbing up from the creek, I found his camera on the trail. I picked it up, and kept looking up, expecting to see him running down the trail to find it. Just before I reached the top he appeared, and was very happy to see I had it.
The trail went down and then up another small canyon, climbing up its walls. It was fairly moderate, and then after the third climb it just went up along the ridge, before finally dropping towards the campsite. I really took my time on the last bit, not walking too fast, and I finally got here at 17:20. I filled up my water, and set up my tent next to Matt's, who showed up ten minutes later. Smitty and Luna appeared afterwards, but they just got some water, and headed out to do 3 more miles today. I think I heard someone else just passed by recently, before heading out.
I wonder if hikers that left Ziggy's at the afternoon will get here later, and if they will stay here. I guess I'll know tomorrow morning.
It was a good day, and I'm glad I headed out. Hopefully tomorrow will be as nice.