Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 4 - Mt. Laguna to Sunrise trail campsite

Kids, don't try this at home
All through last night I had to fight with the heating in the room. It was either too hot to breath, or too cold to let my leg out from under the blanket. Either way it was dry as hell.
In the morning we ate the yogurt and apple from yesterday and headed out. The weather was sunny and nice, and the trail was easy and graded.
It was easy to forget we are actually at over 6000 feet (around 2000 meters), because of the nice weather. After a while we started hiking along the rim of a beautiful valley. Way way below us we saw some small hills and a lot of flat fields. It was quite awesome.
The day continued along the rim of the valley, and we made a nice lunch stop at the pioneer trail head (about pct mile 52). We rested our feet, and filled up our water at the nearby trough.
From there, some more ridge walking. This time it was getting a bit too hot, and there was almost no shade. We just kept on walking, only stopping for short rests under some tiny scrubs along the way.
We finally reached the Sunrise trail head (pct mile 59.5) at around 16:00, and headed out towards the campsite with the water that's here.
We met some other hikers staying here overnight - Burning Daylight is out on his second or third thru hike, and his three buddies are escorting his to Warner Springs. Two other hikers have come in and filled up water to continue on their trail. One is planning a night hike tonight. I don't know why.
Later, Purple and Carnivore joined us. They thru hiked the trail before, or at least most of it. And also did the At southbound last year. And finally, Micah from Canada also appeared. We might split a room with him tomorrow in Julian.
Our water source for the night