Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 2 - Lake Morena to some random campsite at pct mile 36.1

The night was a bit chilly, and I remembered why I should have bought a beanie hat. I could feel the heart escaping me from my head while I was sleeping in my tent. Well, I'll buy one tomorrow at Mt Laguna.
In the morning many other hikers went over to the nearby deli to get some breakfast, but we preferred to eat out of our pack instead. It's always better to lighten your load.
We decided we'd rather make an easier day today, and not push all the way to Mt Laguna at 23 miles. We'll get closer, and leave a short section for tomorrow, so we can reach it early on the day, and take our time to do some town chores.
View back towards Lake Morena 
The first 6 miles were rather easy, and we reached Boulder Oaks campground for some nice rest and water refill. I was also surprised to see I have cell reception there, so I called home, which is always nice.
From there we only had ten more miles, but they were not easy. The terrain was all exposed, and we almost couldn't find a shady spot when we needed rest. It was also a lot of ridge walking with many annoying climbs. It was not a fun section.
I tried using my umbrella, by attaching it to my pack. It started fine, but when the wind started it wasn't very comfortable. I will try it again some other day.
We made a short stop at Fred Canyon, which had excellent shade, and then we pushed on for another annoying climb before reaching the camp spot at pct mile 36.1.
Nothing much here, except for level ground for tents, and a nice oak tree. Not even a water source. But we have enough water for the night, and there's a water source less than a mile away tomorrow, so all is good.
Our campsite for the day