Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 7 - some campsite to Warner Springs Monty's

We woke up in the morning to the sounds of rain drops on our tents. That was a nice change. It only lasted for a few minutes, and dried out by the time we got outside. But there is rain in the desert!
By the time we left the campsite everyone else were already gone. We had a nice breakfast (especially after last night rice fiasco) and packed up our stuff.
Crossing the 100 mile marker
We had about 6 miles to the next water source (the Barrel Spring), so we cruised towards it, down in the valley. The views on this side of the mountain were different to the other, more deserty side. It had green grass and oak trees. It was a very welcomed change.
The spring site itself was also very nice. We caught up with some hikers there, and had our 2nd breakfast.
From there I continued to run down the trail the remaining 9 miles to Warner Springs. Mid way I also put on some music, and was really enjoying the day.
The trail kept running up and down on some low ridges, all in the valley, before crossing a small stream, and then reaching Eagle Rock (which Idan missed).
Eagle Rock
From there I started passing all the hikers that were ahead of us since the spring. Yay for hiking with music!
We reached the community center at 12:20, met up with Micah (who spent the night at Barrel Spring, and just got the trail named Borealis), told Purple and Carnivore that Roni is saying "hi", and got our burgers.
I also met Little Package (or Puppy) after recognizing her orange van at the parking lot, so that was fun meeting her. She's hiking South towards the kick off tomorrow. Good luck Puppy.
We went over to the post office to get our food drops. In retrospect we could have just resupplied at the community center's small shop. A bit pricey, but it got everything you might need.
I got a "surprise" package from TrailDesigns with the cooking pot I originally ordered. It was only a surprise because I forgot about it. But now I had to get the other one from my pack mailed back to them. The pack was about a mile away...
Borealis with the pie he managed to score from a nearby store.
I got back to the community center and got the package ready, and managed to find some other hiker heading to the post office that agreed to ship it for me. So hopefully that's settled.
We called Warner Springs Monty to ask for a pick up to his house, and he showed up at around 15:30. Most other hikers are staying at the center, even though it seems a storm is coming. It does seem like a nice place to stay.
Right now at Monty's, we are showered and wearing some clean clothes he has laying around. We got here with a couple of Germans that are getting off trail for a while, and there are three other hikers who took a zero in here today.
I just got a blister treatment (I currently have four small ones), and dinner will be served shortly. So it's all good.