Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In San Diego

Well, I'm actually writing this bit from somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean, south of Greenland. But I guess it will be posted once I get to San Diego...

The past few days were strange but nice. I started my leave of absence from work last weekend, so I had five days of staying at home, getting ready for the trail, and having some good time with my gf and cat. It was very nice.

I did some trail related chores, life replacing the battery of my phone, activating my t-mobile sim card (it wasn't easy) and packing about two days in advance.

I also had a very nice picnic with my friends, to say goodbye to everyone before I take off. My gf surprised me by getting an edible pct logo and putting it over the cake she made me, which was awesome. And we had some great humus (from Abu-Hassan in Jaffa), so that was really good.

It was also very tasty!
Right now I'm just about off to sleep at Frodo & Scout's house in San Diego. They picked us up from the airport, together with two other hikers, and we met up with Roi and Sarit, who got here yesterday.

Exciting new gear
I got most of the gear I sent here, except the pot I got is 0.6 liters, while I ordered the 0.75 one. Bummer. I'll send it back tomorrow, and probably end up buying a different one at rei.
In two days, probably, I am going to start my hike, together with Idan and Roi and Sarit. Wish us luck.