Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 8 - Warner Springs to Trail Angel Mike's

Monty made a huge breakfast for everyone, including omelets with spinach, cheese and tomatoes, hash browns and toasts. It was almost too much.
We got a ride back to the community center, and met all the hikers from last night, who were just getting breakfast themselves. Idan found out he forgot his hat at Monty's, so I hang around until he made another round trip to his house. It wasn't there, and was later found at the community center, having spent the night on the table there.
We finally headed out at 9:20, and started to cross the valley. After the 2nd road crossing we started zip zagging up along the Agua Cliente stream, crossing it several times, and climbing up.
The original plan was to hike 14 miles, to a dry campsite, so we had to fill up our water at some off trail spring. But when we got to its trail head we decided we'd just push to 17 miles and reach Trail Angel Mike' place.
Nice view, right before Trail Angel Mike's
We had some hot sections, mostly while climbing up, it seems. But there were also clouds for a long while, and even two very short drizzles. Nothing to get us wet. So it was fun.
And here is the nice welcome sign
We have finally reached Mikes' at 16:20, and were greated by all the hikers and trail crew who are currently here. It's just a house this Mike dude bought, by the trail, and he doesn't even live here. Kushy is managing the place, taking care of the incoming hikers and making sure everything is in place.
And pizza for dinner. Yum
There are sodas and beers, plenty of room to tent, a small bunk room and an RV to sleep in. Kushy made us pizza for dinner, and we also got leftovers from the trail crew dinner. All in all, a great place to stop.