Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 20 - pct mile 226 to 240

Yep. That's the PCT
When I finally got out of the tent, Matt was already gone. This happens to me a lot. I took my time in the morning, as usual, and a hiker passed me even before I headed out. I later learned his name is Tim.
The plan was to do a relatively short day, only 14 miles, but with a total gain of 5100 feet. The hike was basically up along Mission Creek, and it was fairly graded and easy most of the day.
I passed Tim several times, but I just didn't have the energy today, and I made a lot of breaks, just staring at the creek's walls. There was plenty of water during the day, crossing the flowing stream many times. That was nice.
Feeling drained and tired, right before the long climb out of the creek
I finally made a break at the last crossing, which by this time was crossing over a tiny little stream, got my water for the final 5 mile ascent, and rested there. Matt and Tim passed me there, until I moved my butt up hill.
I was really trudging slowly, couldn't get myself motivated to finish the day. Maybe I'm not eating well enough. It took me over 3 hours to climb those 5 miles, and it wasn't a particularly difficult climb. But I got there at the end.
The campsite has a very nice water source - water dripping into a barrel, and there was plenty of tent room. I met up with Tim, and Matt showed up later - apparently he took a wrong turn along the way, and that's where I passed him unknowingly. There are also three hikers from Warrior Hike over here, and another thru-hiker camping next to them.
I'm hoping tonight won't be too cold (we are pretty high up, again) so I got my coat to wrap around my feet, just in case.
Probably not an original idea, but it seems to work