Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 31 - Acton Koa to Hiker Heaven

As usual, we got up late, and were almost the last to leave the campground.
I last saw Idan when we were crossing the rail road, just beyond the KOA. He just went off and didn't look back.
The climbs weren't that bad, and I passed several hikers on my way up. The trail then went down and under a highway. It then entered the Vasquez Rocks Park, which was very nice, and has all those signs next to different trees, with their names on them.
At this point I figured out Idan is not going to stop until the end, so I found a nice shady spot on the side of the trail, and had my snickers. Soon, Sunbeam and Arctic joined me for a snack, and surprised me that we only have 3 more miles to go. Penguin joined us, and we headed out to the last bit together.
Arctic, Sunbeam, Penguin and her uncle, on the way to Hiker Heaven
After another short climb we saw what we thought was Agua Dulce, and were very disappointed to see the trail going around it and over another hill. Just before finally reaching town, this guy with a camera was walking towards us, and Penguin was very surprised to meet her uncle, who had been following her blog, and surprised her.
One if the many boxes Idan got here.
We finally got into Hiker Heaven at around 11:00, and I met Idan. I knew I could count on him to get us the best beds. We are now showered and done our laundry, been down to town for veggie burrito, and have finished our dinner pizza along with Cheese.
Hikers hanging their sleeping bags for airing
Cheese is impressed by the size of the pizza
Idan is already planning all of our mail drops for the Sierras, but I'll get to it tomorrow, before we head over to the Wal-Mart to buy supplies.