Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 38 - Tehachapi to Golden Oaks spring

Well, we managed to understand how to catch the Kern bus from Tehachapi back to the trail. We did skip 8 miles of trail, since we got off at Willow Spring Road (mile 258), and got back on at highway 158 (mile 266). Oh well.
Just as we were starting our hike, a trail Angel came along and dropped Happy Feet, Glitter and Path Finder there as well.
Not much shade under those Jushua Trees
At first the trail just went parallel to the highway, but soon it took a turn and started climbing up. We made a short stop on what we hoped was close to the top, but then the trail just kept on climbing and climbing.
At the end of the climb we found a nice tree which already had Happy Feet and Geordi under it. We stopped for a while, and then noticed a cement goats head on that tree. That was creepy.
We went on, and the trail was rather nice for a while, before it got on a 4x4 road for 4 miles. But it wasn't that bad.
More wind turbines
The final 4 miles were rather easy, and we made it early to the spring, only doing just under 17 miles today.
We got some water to wash our socks, and set up our tents, when Happy Feet and Geordi came along. Path Finder, 10 Speed and Rags came along later, as well as Bambi and Rudolph. Glitter should also join soon.
Tonight it will be 3 degrees down at Tehachapi, and we are higher than the town. So it might be freezing here tonight.