Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 27 - campsite at pct mile 357 to Wrightwood

Ah. Easy days into towns are nice.
I think Cajon Pass is hiding under all those clouds
We started rather early for us, being on the trail at 7:15. Pilgrim was already gone when we woke up anyway.
The trail kept going up and up, until we finally reached Guffy Campsite high up at 8,200 feet. We later heard from people who camped there they had rain and crazy wind overnight. We were just a bit chilly in our spot, but nothing more.
Just a nice hollow log
I went down to get some water, so I can camel up before heading out. The spring is quite a hike down the slope. And it trickles slowly. I was happy I only had to fill up one liter. And then was the climb back up. Bummer.
Water reservoir for snow making
From there, the trail didn't climb as much. Which is always nice. We passes along two water reservoirs, which they probably use in the winter to make snow for the slopes, and we saw some ski lifts and grassy ski slopes.
Right before reaching the highway we passed All Day Long, on his was into town as well. The road seemed deserted, but the second car that passed us pocked us up, and got us to the Mountain Hardware store.
I picked up the packages I ordered from Zappos - a new pair of shoes and new toe socks. I'm wearing the socks now. It definitely needs getting used to. We also bumped ahead our resupply boxes to Agua Dulce, where we will have a blast figuring what needs to be sent where, on the Sierras.
A new shoe and a new sock
At the supermarket we bought some tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and assorted salad mix to have for lunch. That was very nice. I also drank a can of microwavable Campbell tomato soup. Yum.
For dinner we went out with a bunch of other hikers to the Green Cafe, or something like that. While they didn't have anything specific vegetarian, I ended up getting a veggie patty on my burger. Same taste as always. But it was filling.