Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 24 - campsite at pct mile 305 to Cleghorn Picnic Area

That was our longest day yet.

The plan was to try and get a bit further today, so that tomorrow's hike into Cajon Pass will be a bit shorter. We were aiming at a water source 18.5 miles away from our start position, with an option to push a bit further once we get there.
The day started easy enough, once we climbed out of our campsite, and back into the trail. After a quick 2 miles we got to the hot springs. Many hikers were aiming here yesterday, with a dip at night as an incentive. We just passed through, and I took a short 10 minutes, dip in one of the hot pools. It was very nice indeed.
Deep Creek Hot Springs
Carrying on, the trail kept on going along the canyon walls, crossing it on a nice bridge. The trail then finally exited the Deep Creek right at the Mojave Dam, and went under for a final crossing of the stream.
View over Mojave Dam
Idan and I jumped over the stream, and sat down for breakfast. A group of section hikers just went through the water, and so did another thru-hiker that came behind us. Idan said that jumping over made us the real "heroes" of that ford, but I am not so sure about it.
Some kind of out-of-focus horny toad
A short while later we came upon a little water cache, with the remains of sodas in the garbage bag. The craving continues.
We pressed on and reached the next stream crossing, which wasn't too exciting. We hiked on to that water source we thought about camping near. It was just some pools under another dam, and it was still early in the day. We decided we'd pull on to the picnic area in 5 miles.
Shortly after we came upon another trail magic box. No sodas, again. But I got a delicious nectarine, and Idan also enjoyed some cream-filled chocolate eggs. Thanks to Team Turtle!
The hike took a sudden turn when it climbed a small hill, and we suddenly saw Silverwood Lake. The rest of the hike was an awesome walk with views of the lake, and it almost didn't feel like another 5 miles.
View over Silverwood Lake
We got down to the picnic area at about 17:20, which is not bad for a 23 mile day. The picnic area has water, and nice pavilions with picnic tables. The toilets are very nice as well. Will, Fern Toe & Thor joined us for dinner, before we all turned in for the night.