Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 41 - campsite at pct mile 625 to Walker Pass campground

It's seems to be the only photo I've got from that day, after I lost some I took with my phone. Damn.
Another long day.
We woke up to a tent filled with condensation, and had to take our time drying it out in the morning.
The first 5 miles of the trail breezed by, until we got to the Bird Spring road cache, which was indeed full. We also had trail magic in the firm of two picnic chairs and a cooler filled with Gatorade.
While we were sitting there, a truck came along with Forest, Sasquatch and Sharpa the dog. They work for the PCTA, and came around to survey the trail around the road, 5 miles in each direction. They also gave me a beer.
We went further, over a 1500 feet climb, the big climb of the day. It took a while (I think I counted 12 switchbacks), but we got to the top (and even had some cell signal up there).
Just as we were getting our lunch, before Yellow Jacket spring, it started raining a bit. But it ended before Idan managed to set up his poncho-tarp up.
The plan was to hike about 20 miles or so, and leave a few for tomorrow, to get into Walker Pass. But we saw we had plenty of time to make it all the way. So we hiked up some smaller climbs, until we got to the final, 5 miles descent into the pass.
I put on my music and raced down the trail. I met Big Boots just as he was going to find a camping spot before the pass, fearing that the campground at the pass itself would cost money. I guess I convinced him to come along, since he showed up down here several minutes after I did.
Down at the campground we got out second trail magic of the day. Yogi, Kate and Coppertone were there, giving sodas and starting to make dinner.
We got pasta in tomato sauce, and bread and salad. And ice cream from Coppertone for dessert. It was a great ending for a long day.