Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 39 - Golden Oaks spring to Robin Bird spring

Last night wasn't too cold, and I slept with just my base layer. There was no wind, which was also nice.
Crossing another burnt forest
It was supposed to be a somewhat medium day, at just under 20 miles. But it was cold all day, with some colder winds at some areas, which basically meant we didn't stop much, and when we did, we didn't rest for too long.
We made our lunch stop at the campsite where Geordi camped at last night. He was just getting up and having breakfast at 11:00. And he'll probably do the same trick tonight - get to the water, eat and fill up, and head out for some cold night hiking. I understand night hiking to avoid the heat, but there's not much heat around...
We were debating whether we should stop so early today, when it was around 14:30, and only 2.3 miles to go. But doing more today didn't make much sense. It would have made tomorrow easier, but tomorrow isn't too hard anyway.
When we got here, we met Big Boots, who was trying to decide if he should stay or go. He stayed eventually. We were setting up our tents, when the hail started coming. It wasn't raining at all - just small hail being dumped on us. So we are now in our tents, trying to keep warm.
The hail just stopped, so I'll head out to fill up some water bottles now.