Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 49 - wa722 to wa736

Today was a bit strange.
Last night was pretty cold up there. I put on everything I had, and managed to sleep.
In the morning we left a bit late, and headed out to finish the climb from yesterday. It wasn't too long, and we had good views from the top on some snowy mountain tops.
Nice views down from the ridge
From there we had about 6 more miles of down hill, until Death Canyon Creek. We took our time on some stops, and also had lunch at the creek, before going to its spring source to filter some water.
At the source we had to use a zip lock bag to get the water from the small stream, and it all took too long. In the end, we only headed out at 14:30. Way way too late.
A nice tree stump
We had 5.5 miles of climbing up to a spring which had no info on the water report, so we didn't know if we'll have water there or not. We had some plans to hike further 6 miles to a dependable water source, but this late in the day, it was clear we will not make it. We figured we'll hike just a bit after the first spring, and camp somewhere on the way.
Some more mountain tops
The climb up was long indeed, but we got some good views up to the Sierras, and down to a big valley on the other side. When we got to the side trail to the unknown spring, we decided to stop for the day, and just find a relatively sheltered spot for the night. It was already around 18:00, and the winds were strong.
We found a nice spot. I hope it won't be too windy up here. We made camp, and cooked dinner. Happy Pants came a bit later. First time we've met him. He is from France. He also went further down and found the water, so we will get some tomorrow.