Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 23 - campsite at pct mile 285 to someplace at 305

As usual we woke up after many other hikers have left. I got to use the campsite's privy, which was a nice change from digging cat holes.
Today we had plenty of water for most of the way, so we just headed out and hiked until we got to the stream, and filtered some water there. The trail went on rather easily up and down some canyons, until at mid day we got to the Deep Creek Bridge.
Deep Creek Bridge, with some day hikers
It was a very nice place, filled with weekenders enjoying the stream and small pools. We made our lunch there, and I hear by swear to never try another pb & cheese tortilla. I almost choked.
From there we headed out to the final 7 miles, crossing the 300 mark, and aiming at a water source which we hoped had a nearby campsite.
View from the bridge, down to the water
The trail followed along the walls of the Deep Creek, and we had great views down on all the pools. It was really beautiful.
When we finally reached the water source, we couldn't find any camp spots, and we were already beat. We headed down to Canyon, crossed the creek, and found some suitable spots for the night. I hope it won't be too windy.