Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 21 - pct mile 240 to Big Bear

After a cold but bearable night, I went out to do a rather long day of relatively easy 18 miles, that will get me closer to Big Bear, for an easy 8 mile into town tomorrow.
That was the plan.
After the first 6 miles I got cell reception, so I talked to Idan, who was currently taking a zero day in Big Bear. If I'd arrive in town tomorrow, I will still be a day behind him. He suggested I get off the trail at Onyx Peak, mile 252, to get into town today, and not tomorrow.
I set out undecided, figuring I'll see how the day goes along.
At one point, the trail went by "animal cages", according to halfmile's app. Yeah - it was like a caged zoo, but I didn't want to have a good look. I set close by, and could hear a bear moaning and growling quite loudly. Poor thing.
The trail kept dragging me. Hiking alone is much harder for me, and I am left alone with thoughts of home. It was the third day now, and I was feeling lower than ever.
I think this is San Gorgonio, peaking out over there
When I finally reached Onyx Peak (which isn't a peak at all) I saw the small water cache there, and two hikers who were having a short rest before heading on. I told them I'm getting off here for the day, and headed towards the parking lot. Down there I saw the three Warrior Hike hikers who stayed with me in the campsite last night, and they got me a banana. That's a good start.
Hitching out took some time, but eventually somebody stopped and took me to Big Bear City. I needed another hitch to get to the PO of Big Bear Lake, but I got there, and got my packages from there. I also met Idan at the hostel, which was full for the night.
Papa Smurf, the local trail Angel, was just passing through, collecting a package for a hiker that stays with him, and he took me to the Nature's Inn, where I got a private room for myself, for the night.
After a shower and a laundry things are looking better. And I will probably head out of town tomorrow with Idan, skipping 14 miles of trail. It's either skipping or continuing alone, and I feel like alone I won't get far anyway...