Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 114 - Ashland to Hyatt Lake Campground

It seems like Idan and I are hiking solo. We got up separately, and went for breakfast at different times. I packed my gear, and was ready to leave before 9:00. We said our goodbyes, and I headed out to get a hitch back to the trail.
I tried hitching on the ramp down to the interstate, heading north. Not many cars passed by, but after about 15 minutes somebody from the nearby gas station asked me if I needed a ride. I replied I need to get to the Mt Ashland exit, and he said he can take me there.
I got into a packed van. There were two kids at the back, and another passenger up front. I had to sit on the floor during the short ride. But I got to the interstate exit in one piece.
Back on old highway 99, I walked back to the trail head. Just as I got there, I met a hiker coming in and heading into Ashland. His trail name was Real Time, and I asked him to take a photo of me, just as I'm starting my solo hike.
The trail north went along the highway for a bit more, but finally got into the woods, and I adjusted my hiking poles, and put on my gloves and hat. Now it begins!
After about an hour of hiking, i managed to snap my hiking pole. Again. This time with no provocation. I just had a stumble on a flat trail, no snags or rocks around. And snap it go! This time or was the top section. I emailed Gossamer Gear from my next break, asking if they have any warranty on the poles.
The trail was rather easy today. There were some small climbs, but nothing to write a blog about. I passed Just Too Fresh, and startled him when I said good morning. He said he will get to the same place as I aim to, tonight.
Later, I passed two day hikers, and another unknown hiker that was on a break. He appeared to be a thru hiker, but maybe he is a southbounder. I don't know.
I made a short break about 4.5 miles in, and then another one 4.5 miles later, at a nice spring. Just as I was planning to leave, Idan came over, filled his water, and went ahead. I waited for a few more minutes, just so I won't keep on hiking on his heels.
After about 6 more miles, I crossed the famous highway 66. It was not exciting at all. I saw Idan going on from there, just as I got to the road. I made another stop shortly after.
From there, the pct went on a little loop, with an old pct alternate option to cut the loop. I went the long way. Didn't get to see any views, because of the haze in the air, from all the forest fires.
Coming to the next spring, I didn't see any water. But I had enough on me to last until the end of the day. It was only 3 more easy miles.
I wasn't sure if I want to enter the campground, 0.3 miles off trail, or keep on going to the nearby water source, and camp there. When I got to the road, I saw the campground was very organized, so I decided to check it out. Apparently, they have a special pct hikers' campsite, so I headed here. It's right by the showers and toilets, which also have electrical outlets. I washed up a bit, but skipped shower. I had one yesterday.
Coming back to the campsite, after I filled up my water, I saw Wolf, Puss In Boots and Grock. They went over to the resort, about 1.4 miles down the road, to have dinner at the restaurant. Sadly, it closes at 16:00. So they walked back hungry. But they are staying here tonight.
Puss In Boots just joined Wolf for three weeks, to hike Oregon with him. He is living in Portland.
I wanted to leave my phone charging at the toilets for the night, but I have to keep it around, because it's my alarm clock now. Damn it. I will set the spark for 6:00. I am going to hike 30 miles tomorrow, to get to the Fish Lake resort, and ask around that fire the pcta are warning people about.
Heading out, solo
Pilot rock, I think
A dam