Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 128 - Trooper Spring to Seeping Spring

Today I had 4 great trail moments.
The first one was when I got at&t cell reception at mile 2077.5, under the power lines. I called home, and it really made my day.
The second was when I got to forest road 57, Copper Tone was there with his trail magic ice cream floats. There was a bunch of hikers there, including Banjo, Peanut & Dozen, Six Pack (whom I just met), Foggy Goggles & Soul Craft and some others.
I stayed there for about half an hour, and then headed out at 14:30 to finish the remaining 9 miles of the day. I only hiked for about 1.5 miles, when I came to a sign stating there is trail magic at the Timothy Lake campground, only 0.25 miles of trail. The sign had me at "trail magic", but it also had "Indian food" written on it. Awesome!
I hiked down the side trail, and found the 55th Cascadia scouts, that came to the campground from Portland, to do PCT trail magic for two days. Great timing. Each scout brought something for the hikers - sodas, lemonade, cupcakes, fruits, vegetables, they had it all. And the Indian food was the best meal I've had on the trail.
I was the first hiker to follow the sign down to their campsite, and really enjoyed all the magic bestowed on me. Shortly afterwards Peanut & Dozen joined in, and after a while some other hikers, that just half an hour ago were trapped at Copper Tone's trail magic for a while. It made it hard to do the miles this way.
After finishing my meal and some desserts, and after testing a while to let it all go down, I finally heard out at about 16:30. I still had about 8 miles to do today.
I met Black Hawk Down about half way there. He was camping by the lake, after a long day for him. I hope I'll see him tomorrow at the lodge, for lunch.
I also met a southbounder a bit later, my 17th, I think. I told her she should push on to the trail magic. It would be a great place to spend the night at.
The fourth thing was that I had Rock'n'roll Suicide on my random music shuffle just as I was getting to camp. An excellent song to finish the day with.
I finally reached Seeping Spring right before 19:00. Nobody else had come here since, even though some were planning on hiking even further today, to make it for breakfast at the lodge tomorrow. I hope somebody will join me anyway.
I will try sleeping today with both of my tent flaps opened. Hopefully I won't get so much condensation on my tent walls, like I had this morning.
I have cooked dinner, though I'm not really hungry. I figured that if I can eat it, I might as well. I can use the calories. So here it goes...
Just nice leaves colors
Copper Tone's trail magic
The 55th Cascadia's trail magic
... And Indian food