Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 132 - Zero day in Cascade Locks

In the morning, I went down to the park to meet with Rock Ocean. There was a bunch of hikers that also rode with us to Hood River, for the outfitter there. That will make my long ride a bit cheaper.
We left at 10:00, dropped the rest in Hood River, and he took me to the UPS center in The Dalles. We got there around 11:30, and I was looking around to see how I should enter, when I realized they only open at 14:30. I was really bummed and scared of be stuck there for three hours now, but I looked around, and saw someone getting out of the building. I immediately went to her and begged her to help me, since it was such a hassle just to get over there, and surprisingly she agreed. She found the package, and I finally got the damn phone. Success!
We went back to Hood River, where I had some time to buy a new pair of hiking poles at the outfitter. I got a pair of Leki's aluminum poles. They are much heavier than the ones I had, but I hope they won't snap until the end of the hike. I also got some gas canisters, after deciding to use had, and not alcohol, for Washington.
Oklahoma and I had to buy our full resupply for the whole of Washington, so we went to the Walmart. That was a bust, so late we had to drag everyone over to the Safeway's, which was much better, and we finally got everything we needed.
Back in my room, I arranged all of my resupply boxes. That was a pain. I had to go to the post office two times, every time carry three packages. A pain indeed.
Thanks to Rock Ocean I got the phone
My resupply for the whole of Washington.