Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 137 - Trout Lake to Lava Spring

I got up tired and drained of energy, like yesterday. I was hoping that it will get better on the trail.
Justin and I had breakfast at the restaurant. I had a big portion of eggs and hash browns. That was nice. I later packed my things and tried calling the numbers posted at the store, of people who will take hikers up to the trail.
I finally got hold of Steve, and he came by after 10 minutes to pick me up. He is a retired electrician, that moved here with his wife 5 years ago. He goes out hiking around the local trails at least once a week. Sounds like a good life to me.
Up at the trail head I saw Coppertone and Rock Ocean, before I headed back into the woods, at around 10:00. They told me that Mrs McGiver & Veggie Gourmet were up around. I thought they were 2 hours ahead of me, but I probably got it wrong, since I passed them 15 minutes later.
I haven't seen any other northbound hikers the whole day. I stopped at a very nice spring that gushed near the trail, with a tin bucket on a rope, to haul water up. The water were very good there.
The trail was climbing up the slopes of Mt Adams, but I could only see it occasionally through the trees.
Just after my next stop, I met a couple of section hikers who told me that right up ahead there's a spot where I can see St Helen's, Rainier, Hood and Adams up above me. I found the spot, and it was definitely very nice. Especially seeing Hood in the far distance.
The trail went over to the western slopes of Adams, and I got more views of the mountain from the creeks that surround it.
I was still feeling tired the whole day, even though there were no especially hard climbs, and the last five miles were all down hill. I finally got to Java Spring at 18:00. Definitely a slow day for me, but it doesn't matter.
The spring here is amazing, filling up a small pool with clear and cold water. I filled up my water, then washed my feet in the down stream, before going into the woods to the campsite. There are 4 section hikers here, going up to White Pass, and two going southbound, not sure how far. But there are plenty of camp spots on here, so it's not to crowded.
Mt St Helen's
Mt Hood
Mt Adams
Lava Spring