Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 117 - Campsite near wa1809b to Mazama Village

I got up to a chilly morning at 6:00, and packed my camp. I had 20 waterless miles to do, but they appeared to be easy enough.
Just before taking down my tent, Frank passed by. It was good seeing him. He was also going all the way to Mazama.
The trail today was even easier than yesterday. Very gradual climbs, and nice forested views. I quickly passed Frank, and later passed many of the hikers that I had dinner with last night. I made only short snack stops, and hiked fast the rest of the time.
Right when I passed Fire Cracker, Tidy Camper, Princess and Mr Sandals we all saw a helicopter doing rounds and dripping water somewhere in the forest. We couldn't see any smoke in that are, but I guess he had a reason for doing it.
I finally got to the highway leading to Mazama Village just before 14:00. Still Floating was there, waiting for Halfmile, and Thor and get Fern Toe got her to drive them down to the village. Smiley was also there, with his hiking buddies. They met the girlfriend of one of them, and were hanging out at the parking lot. I road walked the mile to the village with Chop Chop and Prospector.
Down at the village, I went to the store. Idan was there, already showered and after having done laundry. He headed our to do more miles today, so that the long waterless stretch tomorrow will be shorter.
Rimshot and Kit were also planning to head out, but after walking towards the road they returned and said they have booked a boat ride for tomorrow, so they'll stay for the night.
Gas Pedal and Fire Starter were here for a few days already, having finished the big section they planned on hiking. Tomorrow they will head out to Portland.
Hop Scotch got here yesterday, and slack packed the rim trail today southbound, back to the village. He got in from Ashland with Park, Glimmer and BFF, in BFF's car.
I got my package from the store, had a very nice shower (it's 75 cents for 4 minutes, but the last shower stall in the men's room doesn't stop) and did my laundry. After claiming a spot at the camp, I went to the restaurant, where I met Halfmile and, finally, White Jeep.
White Jeep is the guy that actually wrote the Halfmile app. He was here to get the data from Halfmile's logger, for the last 1000 miles. It was very nice to finally meet him. We talked about the logging, and about maybe getting a loaner logger to log the Israel trail. I will talk to him more about it when I get back home.
I had another veggie burger (home made) with Beer and Bunyan. Bunyan later just found a quiet corner in the restaurant, and took a nap on the floor, before also heading out for a few more miles.
Moonshine and Sideways came to the store, and later Thor and Fern Toe. They also did a few more miles, to the last water, so that tomorrow they'll have a shorter day across the waterless stretch.
There was no cell reception at the village, and the Wi-Fi was $10 a day (or $4 an hour). I heard Pound Cake paid for a daily pass, and asked if I can just send one email out. He said there's no problem, but just then he couldn't connect to the internet. After a minute he said that since he was just leaving, he can give me his password. Apparently he had trouble connecting from the beginning, so the technician gave him the VIP password. So now I know it. But I promised not to tell.
There were many other hikers around, and some bikers as well. We all ended up at the hiker/biker camp, which was a good deal for $5.
Frank got in at about 17:00. He also joined us at the hiker camp. He said I inspired him to get here in two days instead of three. Tomorrow he will rest here and do his chores.
For dinner I just got a frozen microwave pizza, and also bought some stuff for breakfast for tomorrow.
A helicopter trying to put out a forest fire
Boiling the my pole, to take off the tip