Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 119 - Thielsen Creek to campsite near wa1886

I got up later than usual, at 7:00. There was no noise coming out of the other the tents in the campsite. Nobody else was up even by the time I left, at 8:00.
About a mile before reaching the highest point on the trail for Oregon and Washington (it's at 7,560 feet, but yesterday I was higher, at 7676 feet, on the rim trail. It's just not the official pct), I ran into a thru hiking southbounder. It was the first time I recognized a southbounding hiker as a thru hiker, which was nice.
A while later I reached the Six Horse campsite and side trail to the spring. I knew I was planning to sleep at a "lakelet", so I wanted to fill up my full water capacity here, in case the water there didn't look too good. The problem was that the spring was on a 0.35 mile, 300 feet down side trail. I went there anyway.
The spring wasn't much more than a few stagnant pools, but I found a small one with clear water and filled up there. That will do.
Back up all those 300 feet, I headed on towards forest road 60. Over there, there is an option to hike the Oregon Skyline Trail to Shelter Cove, my destination for tomorrow. The alternate trail is shorter than the pct, and many hikers choose it over the official trail.
On the road itself there's a very well maintained cache, so I filled up what I had drank since the spring. I headed on the official pct, climbing up to that "lakelet" I wad intending to camp by.
I reached it early, at around 17:30. It was more like a small puddle, and I was happy I had enough water to dry camp. I thought about heading on to do a few more miles, to make tomorrow's long hike into Shelter Cove a bit shorter. I even started walking for a minute, and than checked the map again, and was worried that the trail will be on a narrow ridge line with no available campsites anywhere soon. I went back to the nice campsite by the trail, and made an early camp.
A message board on the PCT. Near first road 60
Water cache near forest road 60
My campsite for the night