Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 136 - Mosquito Creek to Trout Lake

Yesterday evening Rimshot & Kit, Juneau and Luna joined us at camp at around 20:00. This morning everyone was heading out to Trout Lake.
It was only 10 miles of easy hiking, and I only made one short stop in the middle. I finally got to Road 23 before 11:00, meeting both Copper Tone and Rock Ocean. They have been following the hiker herd since the beginning, and have only now met each other.
I sat there with them, getting my ice cream float and waiting for the others to catch up, so we will fill up Rock Ocean's van for a ride to town. The butterflies around kept landing on me, probably attracted to my salty sweat on my clothes. It was strange.
Finally everyone arrived, including Dewey and Justin, and we piled into the van and headed down into Trout Lake.
I was surprised to suddenly see Mt Adams right next to us, through the trees. I had no idea it was just there. I like seeing those big, snow covered mountains.
Down in town I went to the grocery store to get my package. They've got their own system for getting each hiker his own package - just get in the room, and search for it. The main problem is that they are all USPS priority boxes, and look the same. But I found mine.
Outside, on the picnic table, I've met Tick Tock, who got in yesterday from a previous road because of the thunder storm, and Buck-30 and Slaughterhouse, who got in earlier today. Almost everyone else around is heading back up to the trail today. I'm resting in town, since I'm still on track to finish on the 15th, and I have no need to rush anywhere.
I asked about the rooms at the grocery store, and they told me to talk to the hikers that are staying there. They have a room with a queen bed, and another with three single beds. But nobody around knew which hikers are staying in the rooms tonight - everyone was heading out.
I finally just went and washed. There is no shower, only a bath. It was strange, but it worked. When I got out I found my room mates - two southbounders - Roller Girl & Pilgrim. They were fine with me crashing with them in the room, but later they moved to the queen bed room, and Justin joined me in the singles room.
I had a nice hummus wrap from the cafe, along with huckleberry milkshake. And then I told everyone goodbye, before crashing for an afternoon nap. I felt drained of energy.
Before going to sleep, I met Oklahoma. He started having shin splints, he blames the new Hoka shoes he got for free at Hood River. He ordered three new pairs of shoes from Zappos, and he'll wait until they get here tomorrow, to decide which one he keeps, and which he'll send back. He joined Justin and me in the room.
After getting up in the evening, I didn't feel very hungry. But I felt like I should eat something, just for the calories. I went back to the restaurant with Oklahoma, and had a veggie burger. I couldn't even finish it.
When we were heading back to our room, a lady approached us and asked us if we know where she can get pot. We probably look like the local pot heads, with our beards and shabby clothes. We told her we are not from around, and have no idea.
She was in town for the UFO convention that just ended in a nearby ranch. She was half criticizing the crazy people over there, and half believing. She was definitely half nuts. Oklahoma invited her over to have some whiskey with us and we had a funny conversation at the picnic table about reptilian humans and Sasquatch. Strange, indeed.
I finally went to sleep at 22:00, way too late for me. But it was a fun evening.
A butterfly on my hand
Juneau, Kit & Rimshot sorting out their packages. Justin in the back.
The huckleberry pie Kit bought