Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 139 - Campsite near PCT mile 2283 to White Pass

Another great day on the trail.
I headed out of camp at 7:20, enjoying the morning view of Mt Adams to the south. After a short hike I reached the famous Goat Rocks. The views just kept getting better, with a view over to St Helen's to the west now.
The weather was a bit chilly throughout the morning, and it was also a little windy.
I just kept stopping and taking photos, when after a short climb Mt Rainier suddenly popped into view. That was a very nice moment. For a while I could see all three mountains.
The trail then climbed up close to Old Snowy, and reached the Knife's Edge. I thought it was just a short walk, but it was a long section with quite scary drops to both sides. I had great views to two great valleys below, and Rainier up ahead. Definitely the best section I've hiked through recently.
The valleys all around were under clouds, and I worried that once I get down there it will be all foggy, but it all cleared once the sun came out a bit later.
Once I got to the road, I saw signs on the trail about an upcoming trail magic. Passing through the parking area, I thought I had missed it, but on the road, I saw they were on the other side - Chef and Ghost were cooking for hikers, while Buck-30, Dewey, Slaughterhouse, Tick Tock and Banjo were sitting around and enjoying their time.
Rock Ocean was also there, with Veganaise and Brittany. And a reporter from a local newspaper doing a piece on the pct. She interviewed me on video. That was scary.
I had a veggie burrito made by chef, then headed down to the White Pass Inn to get my package and a room for the night. Everyone else were heading out on the trail.
At the store I met Landslide & Handbrake, who just did laundry and were heading out, and Sizzler.
I first met Sizzler at the kick off, on his first day. I also saw him for a second in Tahoe. He wanted to but a small bottle of whiskey, and the lady at the store called her son to bring some over from town. He then brought over a big glass bottle of Black Velvet. He ended up getting a small 10oz plastic bottle with whiskey, and bringing me the rest. I think I'll just drop it off at Chef & Ghost at breakfast tomorrow.
Mt St Helen's
Mt Rainier
The knife's edge
I thought it was a bear, at first. It's a marmot
A fog covered valley