Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 138 - Lava Spring to campsite near PCT mile 2283

Today I had a good day.
I had my oatmeal breakfast with the section hikers I camped with last night - Ray, Allan, Joanne and Warren - they were surprised I don't drink coffee and eat more on the mornings.
Heading out, I met Mrs McGyver & Veggie Gourmet at the next water source. They camped at the campsite 0.5 a mile before the Lava Spring, but got up early and passed me before I got up.
It was supposedly the last water source for the next 15 miles, so I filled up 2.5 liters before continuing my hike. There was a very nice little stream in the middle of that section, so I drank some fresh cold water there as well.
About 4 miles before the Walupt Creek, I stopped for lunch, along with other section hikers. They were also heading to White Pass, like the hikers from last night. We had a nice conversation. People are starting to congratulate me on my hike... I still have some hard miles ahead of me, but it's nice.
I made a final quick stop at the Walupt Creek, had another Clif Bar, and headed on to my last section of the day.
The trail started climbing along an exposed ridge, which gave some very nice views on Mt Adams to the south.
I met a couple of southbounders that told me they did the section from Snoqualamie to Stevens Pass several weeks ago, and that it's not that much harder. So that's encouraging. But anyway - it doesn't matter how hard it will actually be, I'll do it.
The trail went over a nice pass and into an Indian reservation. The valley was a classic glacial valley, with a loud waterfall on the far side. It was very impressive. The trail went along the side, and over another pass - Cispus Pass - into another glacial valley, which seemed even more impressive.
I went further, crossed the Cispus river, and filled up water for dry camp at a nice waterfall I saw from the top of the pass. I was planning to camp about 2 miles further, and I didn't know if I'd have more water source closer to the campsite.
Well - there were. I crossed many little streams, and finally reached the campsite. It is just by a nice little stream. So I carried 4 liters of water for nothing. Never mind - it was a short distance.
Over here, I pitched my tent pretty close to someone else's tent, but they were not around to ask if they'd mind. There is another couple who left their backpacks at the site, and went to sit outside on the meadow to enjoy the sun and the view on Mt Adams. I am also sitting here, cooking my dinner in the nice view.
Ray, Allan, Joanne and Warren
Where, indeed?
Climbing up to the first pass
Nice lava formations, reminds me of The Devil's Postpile
Just another valley
Mt Adams from tonight's campsite