Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 127 - Milk Creek to Trooper Spring

After a good night's sleep, I packed up and headed out at 7:20. The group if four thru hikers that called near the creek was still there when I started hiking.
I had another nice glacial creek about 4 miles up the trail, so I headed there for my first break. Just as I got there I met Angelina and Brook, two northbounders that started three days after I did. They must have been behind me all along.
I also met a southbounder along the way, who did the while trail back in '77. Impressive. He told me that Copper Tone is parked at Timothy Lake. I hope he is still there tomorrow.
The trail finally reached Jefferson Park, and it felt like the Sierras - small ponds, a lot of streams, and a big snowy mountain above it all.
The climb out was also very nice, with good views from the top to Jefferson mountain on one side, and what I think might be Mt Hood at the northern horizon.
I kept hiking fast down the other side, and finally reached the Olalie Lake store at 14:30. Just before getting there, I bypassed a southbounder who seemed like he might have been Scott Williamson. He just greeted me and kept on hiking. Asking later, turns out it was him. He is doing another southbound hike.
There were many hikers around, including Rimshot & Kit, Juno, Angelina, Peanut & Dozen, and some others. I also met Still Floating, and she told he Halfmile would get there tomorrow.
I overheard a camper at the site, telling the owner how they had an Israeli hiker as a guest last night, at Brettenbush Campground. I guessed it was Idan, which indeed it was. Sounds like he was getting some good trail magic.
I bought my supply at the store. They had everything I needed, even though it was very expensive. But I have enough food to get me to a Timberline Lodge. Their famous lunch buffet ends at 14:00, so I'd better get there early in two days.
I headed out of Olalie at 15:30, with 10 more miles to do today. They were easy miles, and I passed several of the hikers that left the store before me. I just passed Black Hawk Down right before reaching the campsite by the Trooper Spring. He also got in to stay for the night.
A bit later, Rimshot & Kit, Juno and Banjo came as well. Banjo headed out, but the rest stayed, and we had a very nice conversation and dinner. It turns out Black Hawk Down got his name from the helicopter that carried him out after he first started to hike southbound. He slid down a snowy edge in Washington, and smashed on some trees. He had a head injury and broke some ribs. After a month at home, he got back to the trail in Ashland, and started going north.
Jefferson Park
At Olalie Lake