Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 135 - Crest Horse Camp to Mosquito Creek

After getting up and getting my gear in the morning, I went over for breakfast. I can get used to it. Besides the bacon, there were packages, eggs, and later hashbrowns. I was full after the eggs bit.
Tick Tock and Luna cake in right in the middle of breakfast, and later Rimshot & Kit and Juneau joined us as well. Only Slaughterhouse and the section hikers were leaving early, and we were all sitting around the fire, enjoying our time.
I finally got up and left at 9:00, knowing I have a short day of 20 easy miles. But I'd better start hiking it sometime.
The start of the hike has some climbing, but nothing serious. At least I got good cell signal from the top. I caught up to the section hikers, Jerry & Matt, Ford, Justin and Brian, at the first water source, in Green Lake.
I hiked rather slowly for a while, reaching my next planned snack stop a bit later than I anticipated. But a bit later I passed two day hikers that told me they left a cooler for pct hikers in the back of their truck on the next road crossing, so my pace naturally increased.
I reached the parking area, and caught up to Slaughterhouse and Justin. Slaughterhouse was just leaving, trying to bit the storm that was coming near us. I had my trail magic beer with Justin, and let with him to hike the remaining 4 miles into camp.
We quickly caught up with Jerry & Matt and Ford and hiked with them for a short while, between thunders. When the drops started falling, I put on my rain jacket, and then passed them as they were putting theirs. I caught up to Justin, and together we passed both Slaughterhouse and Buck-30, right before we got to camp.
As we were setting up our tents, already after the rain pretty much stopped falling, they both passed us and headed on for few more miles. Since I'm going into town tomorrow, 10 miles seems like a good place to stop. No sense of making it even shorter.
All the other section hikers stopped here as well. There is plenty of room around. I'm still surprised no other thru hiker had come here yet, or passed me today. I hope I see some of them in town tomorrow.
Some distant fire tower
Is this St Helena?