Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 141 - Dewey Lake to Urich Camp

Another really fun day today.
I got up with 6:30, after snoozing the alarm at 6:00. We were still under the same cloud that rolled in last night, and it was chilly outside.
I left the campsite just a bit after Sizzler, and headed out to Chinook Pass. I met him down the trail, as he was hiking along with Buck-30, who apparently camped just a bit further than us last night. I was just raising their expectations about getting Copper Tone's trail magic down at the road, when we passed a couple of hikers going south, and they were telling us he is there.
We got to the road, and to his trailer, and met Landslide & Handbrake. Nobody got any ice cream, because of the miserable weather and constant drizzle. But we got bananas and hot tea.
Hiking on, we were walking together and chatting. It felt really nice. We had no views through most of the day, because if the fog all around. For some sections I was hiking with Buck-30 alone, but we later met Sizzler at a spring, and hiked together with him again.
Finally, we stopped for s short lunch at 15:00 with 10 miles to go. It seemed as though the rain had stopped for the day, so I took off my rain jacket. Putting on some music afterwards, I hiked faster in order to finish up the day.
Sizzler and I were aiming at a nice shelter, one of the few on the pct. Buck-30 preferred to camp a few miles before, because he was worried the shelter would be full of weekend hikers from Seattle.
Just after passing Sizzler, the rain started again. I had about 5 more miles to go, so I just put back my jacket, and kept on walking without stopping. The rain got pretty bad, and I was completely drenched. I was just happy I'm heading for a shelter, so at least it'll be dry.
Right after 18:00 I got here, and was pleasantly surprised. This shelter is awesome - completely enclosed hut, with the fire burning, warm and nice inside. I got enough space to set up my tent inside in the loft, for some privacy and to protect my food from the mice. Slaughterhouse is here, and Sizzler arrived just when I was finishing my dinner.
There is a family of three trail maintainers currently here. They gave us hotdogs for dinner, and I got a zucchini, because I didn't eat the hotdog. That was nice.
We sat on the porch outside for a while, talked and saw some elk in the fog. Now, back up at the loft, we are being slowly cooked. I hope we will survive the night here. It's very dry and hot inside.
The great views we had today
Just another mushroom