Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 131 - Indian Spring Campground to Cascade Locks

I noticed some rain drops falling on my tent during the night, but I wasn't ready to get outside early in the morning and be inside a cloud.
I saw Rimshot just before I left the campsite, and headed down the Indian Creek trail. It was quite a steep trail. Definitely not the pct. After 2 miles I got to the Eagle Creek trail, which was much less steep.
Sadly, just at the junction between those two trails, I slipped down on my ass, and snapped my pole again. This time, I don't have any pole sections to get another pole. So no poles for the day.
The trail was very nice, hiking near many waterfalls, and along the flowing creeks. The first big waterfalls was quite impressive, but I wasn't ready for the Tunnel Falls.
I just took a photo of a nice cliff side with trees at the top, took two more steps, and suddenly the Tunnel Falls were there. The cool thing about it is of course the tunnel that goes behind the waterfall.
There were a lot of day and weekend hikers on the trail. Since I started hiking very early, I passed along many still in there tents, and later I met many day hikers that just started climbing up the creek.
I finally got down to the parking area at about 10:30, and from there it was another 2 miles to Cascade Locks. When I got to town I called the Best Western and realized they are as expensive as ever. I went to the Cascade Locks Motel, which wasn't too cheap as well, but I got a ton here for two nights.
The town is nice and small. I had a veggie sandwich at the Char Burger, and later finally got my room and showered and did laundry.
Then I tried calling the dial-a-ride to try and figure or a way to get to The Dalles tomorrow, to pick up the phone I ordered. I was very bummed to discover that I won't be able to get there by bus, since with their schedule, I'll only get back here after 17:00. A whole day wasted.
I asked at the motel's office, and later at the tourist information, how I can get to The Dalles. They didn't give me any useful tips. I then went down to the park, where all the hikers were camping for free. I was so happy to see Rock Ocean's van - he shuttles hikers around, usually from trail heads to town, but also when they need to get someplace else. I talked to him about getting me to The Dalles tomorrow, and he agreed. It will really help me a lot.
I went around to Shrek's and met Idan. We went for pizza dinner at the Ale House, and later went back to the park, and had beer with other hikers at the brewery.
Strange Bird was also hanging around. He also shuttles hikers around. And Geared Up, who just finished the AT several weeks ago, was offering a ride to Portland. I was thinking about getting to the rei there, to buy new poles, but the phone is more important.
Just a waterfall
And another one
And here's the Tunnel Waterfall
View down from the high bridge
First view of The Bridge Of The Gods
Hikers at the Cascade Locks brewery