Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 116 - Highway 140 to campsite near wa1809b

We had some rain during the night. I like it when I hear rain drops on my tent, and everything is dry and safe.
In the morning I left just after Frank. I caught up to him several miles later, where some strange trail signs made or clear we had no idea which way was the pct. We gave a good guess, and were right.
Further on during the day, I started passing most of the hikers that went ahead yesterday and camped further than me.
Just a bit after passing Rimshot and Kit, I made another stumble and managed to snap my pole again! I quickly looked back, to make sure nobody saw me almost fall. But snapping the pole was way more annoying. At least I snapped the lower section now, so I still have a good top and a good bottom sections. But I won't buy a new Gossamar Gear pole. I might just buy a cheap one in rei in Bend.
The trail kept doing short climbs and drops. All very easy and nice. I was hiking through the 18 miles that the pcta web site recommend to skip because of smoke from nearby fires. It was all clear and well. Didn't even smell anything.
I passed some other hikers in the afternoon. Almost everyone is heading into Mazama Village tomorrow.
At the end of the day there was one climb which was a bit harder than the climbs so far. But it was also over quite quickly. From the top, it was all down hill through three water sources. The last of them is the last good water before the highway exit to Mazama Village, 20 miles later. That's where I planned on camping.
At the second water source I saw somebody forgot a towel. I thought it might be Idan's, and picked it up. A minute later he came rushing up the trail, looking for it. He planned on doing a few more miles today, dry camping for the night.
I hiked on, passing Bunyan on the way as well, and finally got to that last water source. There were no campsites immediately around, so I filled up my 4 liters and moved on, but about a minute further I found a nice little location, and parked there. Idan, Bunyan, Rimshot and Kit quickly passed me.
Going back to the water for a foot bath and sock laundry, I saw Halfmile, Thor and Fern Toe. Halfmile was just getting some water and doing a few more miles. Thor and Fern Toe were making dinner before heading out as well.
Soon, Fire Cracker, Tidy Camper, Princess and Mr Sandals also came along and made dinner, so I bought over my food bag and joined the party. It was very nice. A couple of section hikers also joined in - Jeff and Spotted Owl.
After dinner, everyone moved on top make a shorter day of tomorrow. I remained alone in my camp site for the night.