Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 130 - Sandy River to Indian Spring Campground

Today I made a short day, leaving 16 miles for tomorrow's hike into Cascade Locks.
After getting up a bit later than usual, at 7:00, I hope the Sandy River crossing will be easier this morning. It wasn't. I went up stream for quite a distance, looking for a good place to ford the rushing waters. I couldn't find any. After a while I finally decided I'd just wade through, as another hiker I have just seen advised me. I found a spot where the river was a bit calmer, took off my shoes, socks and pants, and crossed. It wasn't a wide river, only 2-3 steps. And the water only reached my ankles. Bit it was really cold. I set a while on the other side, waiting for my feet to dry, before putting everything back on, and heading out.
After finding the trail on the other side of the river, I got to the Ramona Falls trail. It's only a 2.1 alternate, that skips 2.1 miles of the PCT, and goes by the falls. I was hoping to see some impressive waterfalls, but it wasn't really worth it. It did remind me of Amicalola Falls in Georgia, only much smaller.
I met a hiker that plans on doing the Timberline Trail, 40 miles around Mt Hood, in 2 days. He started yesterday with 10 miles to Sandy River, and he plans on running the remaining 30 today. When he left Ramona Falls, he got in the old pct going up, instead of the trail that goes down towards the new pct. I had to run after him and call out for him, while he was running up and listening to music, to let him know he is on the wrong trail. Later, after crossing the Muddy Ford, he again took off to the right, instead of following the correct trail to the left. He figured that one out on his own, several minutes later.
After passing Lolo Pass road, I had some cell reception and called home. Oregon hasn't been THAT bad with at&t reception. I hope Washington will be the same.
I saw some day hikers going south, and had some short conversations with them. I passed a couple of northbound section hikers that told me Idan was just a bit ahead, and that he plans on getting to the same campground as me. Later, I passed Heidi and Miranda, two more section hikers who will finish Oregon tomorrow at the state line. They seemed really tired, and said they had not enough food left. I have them a couple of Clif Bars.
I wasn't sure there are any campsites further on the Eagle Creek trail, the alternate I plan on taking down to town, so I stopped right at the first spot I saw, by the spring. Heidi and Miranda got here a bit later, and paid me back with packets of Fruit Snacks they had. They continued down the trail, as apparently according to Guthook's app there are plenty of campsites further on.
I later heard some singing, and went down to see there are more campsites right here between the trees. I met Tali, who just came here to hike around for several days. The two section hikers from before also campus around here. I did not see Idan, but he might be not far off.
I finally finished listening to my audio book today, The Brothers Karamazov. I quite enjoyed most of it, though some of the theological bits went over my head. I was surprised to hear it was recorded by a company from Ashland, Oregon. Maybe next time I'd pay them a visit.
Well, town tomorrow. Can't wait for a shower and laundry combo, and town food.
Ramona Falls
Crossing the Muddy Fork
Mt Hood, again