Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 140 - White Pass to Dewey Lake

After a nice night at the inn, I headed out and hit the trail at 8:15. I was hoping to get some breakfast at the trail magic by the trail head, but everyone there were still asleep when I passed by.
The trail was nice and easy, and I quickly met some hikers going south. Papi skipped from Cascade Locks up to the Canadian border, to finish the trail going southbound. He'll be done in about a week, just in time to get there for pct days celebration. Sounds nice.
The trail throughout the day was pretty nice, even though I didn't get any spectacular views like yesterday. There were some climbs, but nothing exceptionally hard.
The weather was fine during the first half of the day, with sunshine and some clouds in between. But in the afternoon it got all overcast, and I was worried we'd get a thunderstorm soon.
About 7 miles before the end I got a good view towards Mt Rainier. Couldn't see most of the actual mountain because of the clouds. But I bet it was a good spot to look upon it in clear weather.
I passed Landslide & Handbrake a bit later, and then I bumped into Twice. I last saw him in Mammoth Lakes, some 1400 miles ago. He got up almost to the half point of the trail, and then flip flopped up to the border and started heading south, to avoid the hot northern Californian summer. It was nice seeing him again.
A bit further on I met Sizzler. We were talking about pushing further all the way to Chinook Pass, and he gave me all of his reasons why not, and convinced me. I headed on to stop at Dewey Lake, and was glad when he joined me at the campsite.
We had a very nice chat here at camp, over dinner and setting up camp. It seems we will be getting to Snoqualamie Pass on the same day, so I'll probably see more of him in the next few days.
A big mushroom
Pipe Lake
Dewey Lake