Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 125 - Unplanned zero in Sisters

What a long and useless day...
After having a breakfast and heading out of the motel in the morning, I bought some supplies at the Albertsons, and started to try to hitch back to the trail rather late, at about 10:00.
It took me forever until someone told me I should try and hitch further down the road, at some on ramp.
It took me forever again until someone stopped and told me it's the wrong place to hitch up to Sentiam Pass. But he took me a bit further to another location. In the short ride, he told me he was in the marines, and was stationed in Sinai during the 67 war.
It took me forever a third time, until a pickup truck stopped. They offered me to ride in the back, with a cute dog, all the way to Sisters. They first took me through a mobile home park to drop some papers. It took a long ride at the back of the pickup, in cold wind, to finally reach Sisters.
It was already late enough for me to think my original, 23 mile day plan, is not going to happen. I could still do less today, and I had food for 2 full days, and get to the store at the Olalie resort at the morning of the third day. I had a veggie burrito in town, and kept trying to hitch back up to the trail.
It took me forever, again, to finally give up. It was almost 15:00, and the weather was rainy and cold, and I didn't feel like staying to hike that late. I checked the price at the Sisters Inn. Expensive. I was heading over to the Motor Lodge, when a car stopped by me. It was Sister's trail angel, Blanche.
She offered to take me up to the trail at that moment, but I was already bummed down by the wasteful day. She took me to the other motel, which was even more expensive, and offered to take me to the much cheaper campground.
After a lot of thinking, I decided I'd go to the first motel, and just rest in the room for the rest of the day. Blanche took me back here. She was very impressed by helping an Israeli hiker. She will also take me up to the trail tomorrow morning, so I'll have an early start, for the longer day is have to make to stay on schedule.
The room I got is the biggest I've had so far, and I've spent the rest of my day watching TV. Soon I'll have a frozen microwave dinner, and keep on doing nothing.
That's one big room...