Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 115 - Hyatt Lake Campground to Highway 140

I woke up early, at 6:00. I had to use my phone as an alarm clock, which menu I couldn't leave it to charge over night in the toilets. Bummer. I packed up quickly, and was out before 7:00. First time I was leaving camp first, before anyone else. Wolf, Puss in Boots and Grock were still asleep.
Canal near Grizzly Creek
I made good time today. Reaching the water source after 12 miles before 11:00. The trail in Oregon is easier, so far. The climbs were very very gradual and long, and didn't require much effort.
The second water source was next to a shelter. I was happy to see Frank there, as well as meeting Swig. The water came from a well, with a handle I had to pump fast and hard in order to get them
flowing. They were also rusty colored. But they tasted fine.
My plan was to hike 30 miles to the highway, and then 2 more into Fish Lake resort. I didn't need the shower/laundry/food deal this time. Just more info on the PCTA's advice not to hike the 18 miles after the road. But Swig and Frank told me they were going to hike it anyway, since there is no closure, or any fire danger, just maybe some smoke in that area. So I decided I'll do the same, and just camp at the creek by the road tonight.
Having a short break before finishing the day
I headed out of the shelter at 14:15, leaving Frank to take a nap. The remaining 10 miles were also mostly easy, though there were plenty of lava fields along the way.
The trail crossed a lava rock scramble
I got here before 18:00, and met a lot of hikers hanging around. Moonshine and Sideways were filling up water and heading out to do a few more, and I also met Rorschach, Leonidas, Seeds, Smiley, Ball-Hawk and probably several more I can not remember. They all headed out.
Smiley is one of the two Israelis we've met at the kick off. His buddy, Mr JT, is a few days behind. It was fun to catch up with him and his hike.
A short time later a car came over, and dropped Idan, Rim Shot and Kit. They went to the resort, ate, and are now heading out for a few more miles. Everyone else around also went ahead.
Only Swig came here to stay for the night. I hope Frank joins us soon also.
I got a reply from Gossamer Gear. They don't offer warranty on their carbon poles, so I'll have to buy the top section, and have it shipped up trail. At least they offered me a discount on the price.
UPDATE: Frank arrived a while later, and camped with us. We had a very nice conversation over dinner, and generally had a good evening.